Sunday, May 19

Pevensey Pete prepares to celebrate 8 years of trading


Hello World We Are Ready To Get Washing
Good Morning Laundry folks it’s raining outside but always sunny at Pevensey Pete’s. We’ve so much to do today that Libby and I are working through to 4pm today to try and get down the mountain of laundry we have stacked up.Thanks to all our wonderful customers for all the work you provide us with.We will be celebrating 8 years of trading on the 9th November and we’ve never been busier just having had a record breaking October.

Have a great Thursday
Pevensey Pete Laundry services, 1 November 2018

Pevensey Pete and his laundry services: Local business life, the universe and every spin:

Pevensey Pete’s Laundry Services
18 Eastbourne Road
Pevensey Bay BN24 6ES


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