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WEEKEND FEATURE: LILLI WREN: Ocean View Bakery, the Café of the year


News pieces by Lilli Wren

News pieces by Lilli Wren appeared in the Pevensey Bay Journal July from July 2018. Fourteen year old Lilli, who describes her interests as “writing poems and doing photography and of course fashion” has a 2 year old dog and a cat that is 9 years old. This year she is looking forward to going to Portugal.

She says that she has lived in Pevensey Bay all her life with her mum and that what she enjoys is “going to the beach , having breakfast at The Ocean View Bakery, taking a walk, or just simply watching the sun go down before bed”. She adds. “I’ve met so many amazing people here”.

Her Columm 14 appears in the Journal. Here she gives her account of the award won by the Ocean View Bakery.

LILLI WREN: Column 14
Ocean View Bakery, the Café of the year
feature: Pevensey Bay Journal, edition 25, in local newsagents Saturday 26 January

Ocean View Bakery, the Café of the year

Recently the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant here in Pevensey Bay has won the Café of the year. Which is amazing!! With so many people going there, from the village or not, they definitely worked hard and deserved this award.

I have lived in Pevensey Bay all my life and so have had the chance to get to know everyone in there well. They are all so welcoming and friendly to everyone who walks in. I love that they allow dogs to attend. Therefore I take my dog , Betsie , who is now two years old there. To add on the paintings are great! All from local artists and for sale at a reasonable price. I have a few myself.

Furthermore the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant is right by the beach. So many people go for a walk and then go there or vice versa. I know I do. Also they have a lovely outdoor area to sit in. Its fantastic for bigger dogs and children. Especially in the hot summer months of the year.

The food is wonderful , with all day breakfasts, light lunches and filling dinners , you have so much to choose from. Not to mention the tempting cakes in the shop window. Having Soya milk is excellent as well. It helps some people have more of a variety of places to go like myself.

Another point is that The Bakery opens early at seven in the morning. This is good because I know plenty of people who walk their dogs ect early and then go for a breakfast.

I just wanted to congratulate all the people who work hard to make The Bakery such a welcoming place. You all deserve a pat on the back.

Lilli Wren


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